July 19, 2023

So, Let Slip the Beasts has been out in the world for a little over a month. In that time she has gotten 9 ratings and 7 reviews on Goodreads and 2 reviews on Amazon, which isn’t all that impressive. But I have to remind myself that this is a marathon and not a sprint….

June 21, 2023

It’s official! Let Slip the Beasts is finally out in the world and ready to be read by strangers. I’m feeling a lot of dreadticipation, as we say in Norway, at how my little baby goblin will be received. Of course, I hope everyone will love this book as much as I do, but I…

June 11, 2023

You know when somethings seems to take a really long time and seems so far away and then suddenly everything is happening all at once? Yeah, so, my book is apparently being released in a week! That’s just 7 days, folks! WHAT?! It’s too soon, man. I’m not prepared for this at all. And the…

June 5, 2023

Due to circumstances beyond my control my book did obviously not come out at the end of May. If it had there would have been a lot more activity around here, I can tell you that! But, I have received the galley of my book, which is the almost finished version of it, with some…

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