Let Slip the Beasts

Brutal. Beastly. Badass.

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Let Slip the Beasts, formerly known as Embers, is an idea and a project that’s been with me in one form or another for many years. Most of that time has been spent planning and daydreaming, and thinking I’m not good enough. Only a fraction of that time has been spent on actual writing. Damn that imposter syndrome, amirite? But here we are, the book is 'finished' and I’ve started on the process of, hopefully, getting it published. Which means getting an agent. Which is tricky as a Norwegian writing in English. Why did I choose to write it in English, you say? Idk, it seemed like a good idea at the time. My English real good. I know many word. But this sorta limits my publishing opportunities here in Norway. Who would’ve thunk?

The book, as it is now after a thousand million revisions, is about Kallie, a complete disaster of a person, who, whether she wanted it or not, has stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars... no, that's not quite right. But there is a war. And Kallie has surely stepped in it. Big Time!

Let Slip the Beasts is an adult sci-fi novel set in the megacity East Resplendent in a not-too-distant future. It's the first of three books. Maybe four.

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Meet The Characters

A fast-paced action-packed scifi story about

Found families

Kallie is all about family. She is finding them left and right. Why do you need so many families, Kallie? *sweats* put...put some of them back.

Reverse Toothfairy

Kallie has so many teeth. And they just keep coming. Who is leaving all these teeth?!

Blood Loss

You scream, I scream, we all scream because where the f&%# did all our blood go?! Give us our blood back, Kallie.

Suzanne Berget

Aspiring Novelist and Accomplished Games Journalist

Suzanne Berget is a writer, games journalist and translator based in Oslo, Norway. She is currently pursuing her passion project, LET SLIP THE BEASTS.