June 4, 2024

Jesus, my last post was in March?! So, I finished the first draft of the sequel to Let Slip the Beasts on April 29th. In other words, this blog post is long overdue, haha. The draft clocked in at roughly 73 500 words, which is pretty decent for a first draft, if you ask me….

March 26, 2024

Back in the beginning of February I said I didn’t have an ETA for the paperback edition of Let Slip the Beasts. Little did I know that less than a month later it would be published – much to my surprise! But its out now, it’s available from Amazon, and I have received my first…

February 5, 2024

So, I haven’t really written an update on this blog since September all the way back in 2023 (the book review in November doesn’t really count). Motivation has been lacking to be honest, but I’ve also been VERY busy! In October I was in Japan, which was amazing, November and December were just whack due…

Omslaget til Cinnabar One
November 7, 2023

Jeg leste en himla god anmeldelse av Cinnabar One på Nye Nova og ble inspirert til å plukke den opp selv. Det er ikke hver dag det blir gitt ut ordentlig hard scifi på norsk, så jeg ble ordentlig gira på å gi meg i kast med den. Så gira at jeg tok den med…

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