So, remember in my last post where I mentioned I’d gotten an offer of publication? Well, I decided to take it! THAT’S RIGHT, IM GETTING PUBLISHED, BITCHES! (unless this is still some sort of cruel, prolonged prank … I’m not going to be completely convinced until the book is out, and maybe not even then. Maybe they’ll change their minds during the editing process, IDK)

Needless to say there has been much screaming and/or hyperventilating and some celebrating with champagne, which is fitting because the publisher is Champagne Book Group. So far, I’ve been paired up with a mentor who has been with CBG for eight years, a stellar guy who’s answered every one of my panicked and dumbass questions and who has ties to Norway, which is cool. You can check out his books here (swashbuckling fantasy with dragons, no less!). I’ve also received a ton of questionnaires, tax information sheets, production information packets, cover art worksheet (got that sorted, I hope) and a Pre-edit Workbook — Eleven pages of common mistakes, formatting standards, in-house style guides and things to look out for. That’s what I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks, and boy, do I have a lot to look out for! I sure do love my adverbs and certain turns of phrase. It’s been a gruelling and educational experience, to say the least. I finished the worksheet today and have officially sent the manuscript to my editor. *MY* EDITOR!!

This week I’ll be working on my Production Information Packet, coming up with taglines, blurbs and keywords, distilling what’s unique and special about my story and characters and all that jazz. Shouldn’t be to hard, right? Right??

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