All quiet on the blogging front

So it’s been about a half a year since my last blog entry. Boy, does time fly when you’re in the middle of a pandemic, busy getting married and starting a new job! I work with books and comics now, which is fun. Clearly, updating this blog has not been a priority, but that does not mean I haven’t been writing, oh no!

My book now has a whole new beginning, a new title and a brand spanking new cover. It looks amazing, and I can’t wait to show it off. Seriously, it’s the coolest. Gonna need a whole other blog post for the grand reveal, though.

The new beginning is a good mix of new stuff and stuff I cut from previous versions, and I think it’s pretty good. Hopefully, I’ve managed to add that world and character building that was missing. In totalt, I’ve increased the word count by 10K. Here’s a tiny little taste:

Thousands of glass panes hummed with displeasure as the thunderstorm rolled further into to the giant maw of East Resplendent. While the inner districts got their auxiliary power storages filled by vengeful lightning, the middle districts got pelted by torrential rain, the streets thrumming like a cold, off-beat war drum.

Right now I’m going through the manuscript and rooting out weak verbs, passive voice and words and turns of phrase I use way too much. When that’s done, I got a bit of proofreading and formatting to do, and then I’m done! So exciting!

Well, gotta get back to it. These weak verbs aren’t going to remove themselves!

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