Things are finally hampening!!!

In my last blog post I listed the potential reasons for the copy edits taking so long…turns out it was a combination of 1 AND 2 – a lot of mistakes AND the copy editor having a lot on their plate (possibly due to the amount of mistakes in my book). I received the copy-edited manuscript on Tuesday, but didn’t open it until Wednesday and when I did…hooo boiii, I almost had my hair blown backwards, as we say here in Norway.

1785 revisions. 1785!!!! And I have to go through every single one by the coming Wednesday. In addition, I have to deal with a lot of repeated words, too many sentences starting with either a pronoun or a name (but that’s what you get when you take away all my gerunds, adverbs, fragments and filler words…Ma’am, those were my emotional support filler words!) AND the ending needs a teensy weensy bit of work.

After going through a lot of the revisions I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to write. Like at all. What even is a sentence? How do I word??


Oh, and apparently the scheduled release date for the book is end of May! Just a little over a month!! I am officially entering panic mode!!!

In other news, I think I’m nearing the end of my horror novel, and I finally got to read Laline Paull’s new book Pod and it was AMAZING. Maybe I’ll write a review some time. It sure as fuck won’t be now. But go check it out, and her first book The Bees, which is my all-time favourite book of all time.