Holy release date, Batman!

You know when somethings seems to take a really long time and seems so far away and then suddenly everything is happening all at once? Yeah, so, my book is apparently being released in a week! That’s just 7 days, folks! WHAT?! It’s too soon, man. I’m not prepared for this at all. And the book is up on the Champagne Book Group site with a little countdown timer and everything. And you can pre-order it! RIGHT THIS MINUTE!! Check this link out 😀 The book, as I think I’ve mentioned before, will be published as an e-book first for a pretty nice price, and then I will hopefully get a physical copy in about 6 months time (but please support me by buying the ebook version even though you prefer physical copies…maybe you’ll get a cool little treat if you by both, who knows?).

Oh, and here is the new cover, designed by the talented Sevannah Storm. Pretty cool, right?

Odd has also been making a bunch of memes that I will be using for marketing purposes. If these don’t get you hyped for the book, I don’t know what will…

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